Plastic crates

Manufactured are polyethylene, which guarantees a steady shape, zero deformation plastic crates, high resistance to loads and load capacity of up to several kilograms.
Plastic crates of various types and uses are available in our shop. You will find plastic transportspedition or food industry, but also those that you can use in your home or in your car during your purchases. The prices are of course different, as well as the dimensions in which the crates are made. You can store them on EURO pallets or in a stack. Always as you need.
Goods whose purchase you will not regret
Plastic crates are goods whose investment will not be wasted, because if you really need a helper on your travels, warehouses or transport cars, then this is a product that will make your work easier in many ways, saving you space, but also Any back pain that is otherwise present when handling heavy goods.