The basis is white tea

Have you ever heard of the expression of flowering tea? If not, you should remember the name of this product properly. Its foundation is a plant, thanks to which we can also enjoy a delicious beverage. Both of them have their bases in Asia, but the one that will be pleased for your eyes does not work in our market for too long. So treat yourself to this novelty! A selection of many species will provide you with our offer.
A natural product that has its origins in China
Nowadays, when you say China, most people will recall the different toys or clothes that are imported from this country. But we must not forget that it is a country that has been significant in ancient times for the world by its natural products.
Whether it was the Silkworm, which produced beautiful hedbáví, rice or spices, which we can still taste the dish to this day or the first-class plants, from which they processed mixtures for the decoctions, which we treat today. If we stay at the last, we should know that just from China comes a rare and delicious beverage. Thanks to the skills of people, we can now observe this natural product in full glory when we pour it with hot water and let it work.